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How to save a video to Album ?

On the video which you had Download, right slide, click "more", Save to Album.

How to view history YouTube Web. ?

Use finger swipe left or right to  back or forward on the screen edge.

If you need  history,you can  hold the YouTube tab.

Payment method ?

Currently only support Paypal.

Use PayPal SDK, to protect the security.

Why use Google account login? ?
: Will automatically sync your YoutTube playlists, favorites, channels and other information.
How to export video to a computer ?
: You can connect the iPhone to the computer (MAC, PC), open the iTunes to find the Youtube DL, select the  file export.
Where can I get Tutu Youtube DL ?
: Only can be download from TutuApp.
Limit for Free user ?
: We need your support to develop and maintain this App.

Free :

Download times limit  to 100/day.



Unlimited Download.

Download by server if some video  region's copyright restrictions

No Ads.

Available in Apple App Store ?
: APP is available in the Apple APP Store.

And renamed to BananaVideo.