Is ShowBox safe?

Very secure, we can assure you.

We do not process or store any user passwords, logins are fully verified by Google and there is no possibility of user information being compromised.

All payments are made through trusted third party websites and only through the web, you can see the URL throughout, we do not process and cannot store credit card information.

All traffic between the APP and web pages and our servers is encrypted, so it is impossible for operators and governments to know what you have seen.

Our app only asks for the most basic permissions.


How to set the episode status.

You can long-press the episode, and then select the status of the episode's progress.

Difficult technical problems

If you encounter any technical problems, please contact us via email:<[email protected]>

Please send it to us after recording the screen.please state clearly what device is used to play it, what specific video is, and what kind of problems have occurred. To facilitate our technical staff to solve your problem as soon as possible   

Slow loading

Please perform a complete speed test in our APP, Then change to a faster server.

All speed measurement records are recorded in our backend to assist our judgment when you give us feedback on the problem.

It's a big world, we have placed server nodes in all major regions of the world and have selected the best CDN service vendors to help us accelerate.

CDN acceleration is limited to VIP users only.

If the speed is still not ideal in your area, you can download the movie in question and watch it later.

Download security issues

It is very safe. We use the latest https technology to encrypt all traffic between the APP and you. It is impossible for operators and the government to know what movies you have downloaded and watched, so please feel free to use it.
We do not use P2P technology like Bittorrent, Webtorrent, Popcorn Time etcThat is considered illegal in most countries. Be careful when using torrent streaming apps/sites.

Change email address

We do not support changing your email address. If your email is stolen,,you can only retrieve your ShowBox account by retrieving your email, because our APP is bound to Google Mail, so you can only log in to MBP through Google Mail

Why use Google account to log in

Because the free version of the app often needs to be reinstalled, we need to use the account system to ensure that users' favs and play history can be saved.
Google Accounts will be store on the mobile phone, no need to log in again, so we use the Google account system.
Your login process is all on the google.com domain. It is impossible for us to obtain your password. Please rest assured.

Which Chromecast device support

Support for all Chromecast protocol devices, such as Google 1st to 3rd generation, and Ultra 4K.
Support mibox, some smart TV.

No chromecast button

It is not a version downloaded from the official, it may not appear this button, you can re-download it on the official website.https://www.showbox.media

Forget child mode password

You can delete APP and reinstall.https://www.showbox.media

How to request a Movie / TV Show

email us.